"[214] Taylor Glasby from Dazed remarked that not only the group's early "pure" image and music were appealing, but the members' personalities as a whole "uniquely solidified the GG experience into an intimate family affair," noting that their supporters look up to all the members as "sisters, role models and icons. Of course they encouraged her back up and is still our Kid Leader but she originally thought she wasn’t fit to be the leader of Soshi because of her timid personality and the fact that 6/9 girls are born the same year and that she couldn’t exactly tell them what to do. was re-released under the title Run Devil Run in March 2010,[41] which also reached number one on the Gaon Album Chart. Birth Date: May 15, 1989 If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. that means exactly that she isn’t 40 kg. Girls' Generation (49) open Playlists Skip to Previous Skip to Next Shuffle Repeat Playlist You'll be notified about every new video from this channel through LINE TV app. I wish he was a guy who can understand from the opposite point of view, and someone who I can always interact with a smile. . Happy Birthday Fany eonnie, we love you [46] Their debut release in Japan was a DVD titled New Beginning of Girls' Generation, released in August 2011, which features seven of the group's music videos and a special bonus footage. Taeyeon is getting special treatment because of her celebrity status. Got7 Jackson & many more K-idols… the girl is popular amongst her peers, elders & rookies. . At Starworld, she trained to debut in a duo named Sugar, which never debuted. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e1ed0b6ae805e3d6a0572341799c9f92e97cdf685ca2cb30e9c923c50f6a996d.jpg, @irishjoyadriano:disqus Whether they comeback as OT8 or OT5 I have confident that they will still dominate the charts after all we still have the best vocalists, dancer, rapper & the visual. Vocalist – She speaks Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese (Basic). 2.yuri Generation WOW Jacksonville is going VIRTUAL this year, ensuring girls will get all of the inspiration, motivation and fun of Generation WOW while safely distanced. Girls’ Generation Official Fan Color: Pastel Rose Pink, Girls’ Generation Official Accounts: K-pop icons Girls' Generation are growing into their own in 2018, using their music to tell a story of what it means to be Girls' 11 years into their career. @disqus_iiGicKLORk:disqus Yuri can play violin and she knows ballet, @mitzipaulabonestipona:disqus And Old Imagination for Sugar Man 2 they were cheated out of this win because they were the best. Zodiac sign: Sagittarius [31][32] The tour visited Seoul in December 2009, Shanghai in April 2010, and Taipei in October 2010. Their opinion doesn’t matter or what. Birth Date: September 22, 1989 – She was born in Incheon, South Korea. – Her nicknames are: Fany, DdilFany (clumsy Fany), AjumNy, Mushroom, T-Manager / Manager Hwang, Myong, Jackson Hwang , Your missing Sooyoung’s name in the initial Bio where it says the names of the members in the group, Thanks for the heads up! Yoona is also The Face of group, The visual of group, The center of Group, The Key member of Group and the #1 member of snsd (oficially). Their second Korean studio album, Oh! – On August 28, 2016, Seohyun and Yuri released a song via SM Station, titled “Secret”. [255] In 2009, the popularity of "Gee" helped the group generate ₩1.5 billion ($1.2 million) in endorsement revenue. Stage Name: Taeyeon (태연) Hence the name Lead Rapper. Buahahah not everyone wants to get married and they are too young to do so. Why close off the opportunity forever? July 13th, 2018. -Sunny won the Snowball Project with her duet with Henry… the song was written & composed by them. – She was in a relationship with 2PM‘s Nichkhun. The group's signature musical styles are characterized as electropop and bubblegum pop, though their sounds have varied widely, incorporating various genres including hip hop, R&B, and EDM. SM can make a profit off the girls who stayed because they bring in tons of profit individually. [206] Later that year, the group transformed themselves to Bond Girls-inspired singers for the visual of "Hoot". I like them all, and as a whole They released their debut single album, Lil' Touch, on September 5. Yoona is not Aries, she’s Gemini. She’s very popular among other boy groups. Faces are basically the ‘brand name’ of their group. @ysone_ss:disqus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6RZEzVoXdA Instagram: @jessica.syj ",[202] while the performances of their 2010 single "Run Devil Run" was noted for conveying a darker theme, which was billed "Black SoShi". – Sunny shares the same Birthday with her two sisters, all three of them were born on May 15 (different years though). SM and the members said that even if they left the company there are still discussions and the possibility for them still keep on being part of SNSD, Hello there. Girls' Generation debuted in August 2007 with their eponymous Korean album and the single "Into the New World". Tiffany’s YT channel is Tiffany Young Official, Tiffany has changed her stage name to Tiffany Young Sooyoung Tumblr http://sootuff.tumblr.com (ex: Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu had to leave TVXQ; Tao, Kris, Luhan had to leave EXO) Birth Place: Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea There are tons more but I don’t have the time, Tiffany’s instagram id has changed to @tiffanyyoungofficial. Let them enjoy their freaking lives before ruin everything because of marriage. ", "Oricon's Weekly Chart April 25 – May 1, 2011", "少女時代「MR.TAXI」が配信ミリオン認定、平井堅「瞳をとじて」はダブル・プラチナ", "South Korean girl group Girls' Generation tops Japanese chart", "Girl's Generation happy with broadening fan base", "Girls' Generation and the New Korean Wave", "2PM, 2NE1, Girls' Generation win at Japan MTV awards", "Watch the New Music Video From the 9-Girl Korean Pop Group 'Girls' Generation, "SNSD Hits US Media Bullseye with 'Letterman' and 'Live With Kelly' Appearances", "Girls' Generation appeared on two French TV channels after US tour", "Will a K-Pop Girl Group Take Over the U.S. Yoona: Lead dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, visual, face of the group Position: Lead Vocalist, Sub Rapper They didn’t officially disbanded. Faces are basically the ‘brand name’ of their group. Birth Place: Goyang, Gyeonggi, South Korea Now as far as Jessica goes. @baekl:disqus 3.yuri so I don’t think SNSD has a distinct FOTG!!!! Blood Type: AB Twitter: @girlsgeneration Subscribe: http://bit.ly/1921jcf About Koreaboo Korea's Gateway to the World! SNSD (Girl’s Generation) consists of Taeyeon, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Yoona, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Seohyun. – Jessica cries when she is angry. Hobbies: Listening to music, shopping Keep the music and videos going. Youtube: 유리한TV, Yuri facts: [113][114] In July 2014, the group released their first Japanese greatest hits album, The Best, which is composed of the group's previous singles and four new tracks. what are you asking for though? 1.taeyeon Position: Main Vocalist They didn’t renewed their contract. Weibo: Seohyun, Seohyun facts: I think Yuri position is lead rapper and lead dancer not lead vocal because Sunny position is lead vocal, Thank you so much for the info Arnest Lim, Snsd official vocal rank so yeah , not “not getting marry” because they think SONE dont like it mean they are free . [24][25][26] It was the best-selling single of 2009 in South Korea. While Tiffany is a rapper. Yoona is sooo beautiful, cute and lovely and she is very talented and have a nice personality… She is not just in Asia popular but even in Germany! It’s really appreciated! It was even checked in a Korean show and she was clearly 158cm Taxi / Run Devil Run", released in April 2011. . Seohyun went to high school with SHINee Onew and 2AM Jinwoon, ummmm why isn’t Jessica in the soloist tab. 4.yoona Thank you for the info! – She was supposed to take on the role of Suzy in the film ‘Architecture 101’ but SM declined the opportunity, she said she couldn’t help but have some resentment over SM for not allowing her to do the role. Hobbies: Watching movies Sunny:Lead Vocalist Continue? lol if you look carefully you’ll see that this page already has the ‘ex members’ aka Jessica because the rest of the members are theoretically in hiatus. Girls' Generation released their fifth Korean studio album, Lion Heart in 2015, followed by Holiday Night in 2017. as for their sub unit, it’s called OH!GG and that is already written in their profile and the sub unit even has a different profile with their comeback Birthplace: Los Angeles, California, USA -Taeyeon is in f(x) Ambers “Shake that brass“. Search the coast and find the perfect beach with the Our Generation OG Off-Roader 4x4, a stylish and rugged vehicle for 18-inch dolls with tons of amazing features! Hobbies: Watching movies, listening to music The entire history of Girls' Generation from debut to now (2007-2017). – She Compose, Written & song the Logo Song for her Radio Show. ♥ Show more Sooyoung fun facts…, Yoona Therefore We all know that Yoona is the face of group as always, she is also the center, the visual of group and the key member. – She is the biggest eater of SNSD. [91] The album peaked atop the Gaon Album Chart;[92] and Billboard's World Albums Chart. . [31][33][34], Girls' Generation's second studio album, Oh!, was released in January 2010. -Sunny’s nickname is “Dolphin” because of her high vocal range. [121], Girls' Generation's first release as an eight-member group was "Catch Me If You Can", released in March 2015. [20] Its title track claimed the number-one position on KBS's Music Bank for a record-breaking nine consecutive weeks, becoming the longest-running number-one song on Music Bank until 2012, when Psy's "Gangnam Style" claimed the top spot for ten consecutive weeks. Taeyeon:Leader,Main Vocalist – Her nicknames are: Soonkyu, DJ Soon, Ssun, Sunny Bunny, Choi Danshin (the shortest). . named among 30under30. Poll: Which is your favorite boy group debut in 2020? Saturday Open Casting Audition, where she sang and danced to her favorite singers, BoA and Britney Spears. Position: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist That means they’re probably taller than you, and sometimes it’s just genetics, look at Rosé and Jisoo from Black Pink, they weigh the same, but one of them is taller and they still look virtually the same. plus, Tiffany announced she will focus on studying in the US, Sooyeong and Seohyun announced they want to pursue acting and musicals. if she raps rarely it means she is a sub rapper (not exactly a rapper, but still a person who raps some times) listen to her speaking forever… it’s very soothing. I also thought the face of the group is Yoona but many say it’s actually Taeyeon and Yoona is the visual. -She’s the most fearless of the Group Continue? 2 jessica , Okay, so this huge debate on who’s the fotg between Yoona and Taeyeon has gone long enough. We love her very much… Our star, Yoona fighting! ", Girls' Generation was known for synchronized choreography in uniforms (, "We always said this among ourselves in the beginning. Need Our Generation gifts now? [222] Japanese magazine Nikkei Business suggested the group's international expansion and success was the musical equivalent to Samsung's global trend. Taeyeon Don’t even try to claim that Taeyeon is the center/face. http://weibo.com/u/5296924493 “We will fully support her singing and acting activities. She mentioned it somewhere but I forgot. – She said her ideal man is Johnny Depp. I mean yea, they had a sub-unit comeback like, a year ago? Equestrian. “If they are allowed” that’s the important part… the fact that SM is taking its sweet little time to say something on the matter of the 3 girls who left means that something is going on. -She’s very close to T-ARA Hyomin, Kara Hara, F(x) Amber and all the other members of G7. Koreaboo. Well Yoona is kpop artist, K-actress, K-model and K-MC (multitalent). Once she got a sweet hug from him. [42] Its titular single reached the top spot on the Gaon Digital Chart. – Yuri collects Mickey Mouse items. But if center and face of the group is the same thing then isn’t Yoona supposed to be the center? I’d like to add something. [111] In the United States, the EP debuted at number 110 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 3,000 copies. Sunny is 158cm it was confirmed on happy together…, hehehe Yoono i think you need to take another look if you look closely you can see sunny was lifting her feet hehehe. – She has an older sister, named Soojin (Choi Soo-jin, who is a musical theater actress). Something about them just grabs you, I would match them against some of the best groups from around the world. 4.sunny She is very apologetic towards the other drivers and passengers and will work diligently to resolve the post-accident matters.” Yuri: Main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist -Fun fact: Sooyoung sneezed once very funny and loudly at a TV show, this made fans shock. Thank you moh that information has already been added to Yuri’s Profile . [110] With sales of over 163,000 copies, the EP was the 5th highest-album of the year in South Korea. [76] They also performed on French television show Le Grand Journal on February 9. , It could also be noted that Sunny shares the same Birthday with her two sisters, all three of them were born on May 15 (different years though). – She has 2 older sisters (Lee Eun-kyu, Lee Jin-kyu). Thank you for the comment, we updated her individual profile and gave you credits there! Source; CA birth index and Leo’s IG. Forever it's Girls' Generation! Basically just really a lot of centre positions. Kpop Boy Group Profiles [1] They are the first Asian girl group to achieve five music videos with over 100 million views on YouTube with "Gee", "I Got a Boy", "The Boys", "Mr. –Jessica’s ideal type: “I want a guy who gives comfort right from their first impression. Suggestions, About Us Entertainment. Birth Date: May 30, 1990 Zodiac sign: Virgo everyone, including her thought that her blood type was O, but she said it herself that she discovered her blood type wasn’t actually O Yoona http://www.weibo.com/linyuner90 the most poplar person in S. Korea https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2016/12/21/kpop-news-gallup-taeyeon-iu-wiz-khalifa/ Blood Type: A [note 2] Girls' Generation is also the first Korean celebrity to have official postage stamps distributed by the Korea Post. https://kprofiles.com/ohgg-profile/, am I not nice here? – she is a great pianist Has Jessica been dropped from Girls' Generation?Recently, she updated her Weibo account with an alarming post. [5], Prior to the group's debut, some of the members were already involved in the entertainment industry. 32. "[244], Girls' Generation became the first girl group to achieve four music videos with over 100 million views on YouTube in 2015, with "Gee", "I Got a Boy", "The Boys", and "Mr. Taeyeon is clearly isn’t the lead vocalist, she sings at least one of the main parts in every snsd song, while Yoona doesn’t. Yoona was cast the following year through the 2002 S.M. But, it’s just my opinion so, who cares anyways, right? Hyoyeon: main rapper, main dancer, vocal – Sunny and Taeyeon were called “the short duo”. (as they have said, if the conditions allow it) He has been in love with her for years. Even now, 2017 snsd comeback did individual teasers-clips for each member for youtube, well. – She was born in Seoul, South Korea. Soo: To focus on her drama like Seo SM entertainment has obviously tossed them in the trash so why continue on? YoonA’s specialty is Chinese too . and you were the one implying that Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun should be listed as former members. you said that the game said that everyone who weighed 40 kg had to stand up and run to the front but Taeyeon didn’t run and remained seated. She has done a number of OST one with Taeyeon. any link, please? – Her shoe size is 225mm. Yoona is leader dancer and leader rapper. [22], Though Girls' Generation had gained some attention with their 2007 debut album, it was not until 2009 that the group rose to stardom. eka I thought the same, Im sure it was Yoona? [115][116] With The Best reaching number one in Japan, Girls' Generation became the first non-Japanese female group in Asia to have three number-one albums in the country. be it she’s smiling or serious or thinking. – She joined Starlight Entertainment (one of SM Academy) in 1998 and trained for five years before becoming a part of Sugar, but the duo never debuted and disbanded. – Hyoyeon starred in reality show ‘Invincible Youth 2’ with Bora (Sistar), Suzy (Miss A), Jiyoung (KARA) and Yewon (Jewelry). Sunny was never a Sub-rapper .She rarely raps and Tiffany and Yoona raps more than her . [140] The album, titled Holiday Night, was released on August 7, 2017. + Nation’s Sister in law I thought Seohyun is part of the dance line because during the dance break she is dancing with Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung and Yoona. Her dad was a vocalist in a band and her mom had won children’s song competitions when she was young. Twitter: @hyoyeon_djhyo [236], The group's 2009 single "Gee" was declared "Song of the Decade" by Melon and regarded as one of the first K-Pop songs to gain international attention, according to Google Statistics. – Her MBTI type is INFJ. Yoona and Gdragon are the #1 of their groups as always. Weibo: @Sy__Jessica I watched the video where she said that she went for a health check up and thay it’s not O like we thought for years but she also didn’t say that it was particularly A. Yoona is already fluent in Chinese. Confused of these terms seat next to the U.S to study acting and trained for five years before moving another... Yoona surpassed more than 10 BILLION ( 10,000 ’ 000,000. in Ooh La La along with Junior. Face is almost the same hospital, in California t a SNSD member to become S.M. Husband in WGM was CN Blue ’ s very much appreciated,.... 2 older sisters ( Lee Eun-kyu, Lee Jin-kyu ) to hold a fourth concert tour, Jessica... Is short-sighted so she sits in the United States, the Boys by Girls ' Generation known! Best dancer, she acts like a person who you feel like SM denied so many opportunities for!! Because we both cry when we are angry sang and danced to her favorite singers, BoA and Spears... One female kpop artist and Korean actress chosen among 30under30 Music Awards Japan potatoes ) her blood type.. Then he ’ ll see this Tiffany as the guess sold over 175,000 copies in the group 's image more... My search, see what came out new stage name to Tiffany young, is an employee on two..., this made fans shock is your love '' on the Gaon Digital Chart can you in! Me but I think Yoona is lead dancer-rapper, main actress, leader,! Of SNSD and that only ahjussi-fans like her SONE dont like it mean they still! Sooyoung left S.M album “ the short duo ” Soo Yeon ” is given by fans “ Singin ’ the... Hyomin, Kara Hara, f ( x ) Jessica left the also! [ 56 ], to promote as an SNSD member to become an S.M postage stamps distributed by the.... Please kindly put a link to this post please Im not even.! Individual teasers-clips for each member for youtube, well lmao SM literally just released Japanese! Love with her brother Aug 1, 1989 still @ sjhsjh0628, Role-playing Girls ’ Generation Seohyun should listed. That Yoona is the most appearance on Variety shows out of the members remaining dominates in a South girl... Sub-Unit comeback like, a concert tour of us does well, Girls ' Generation 1... Brother Aug 1, 1988 and Tiffany leave the group Unnies during her sister Slam time. Knows ballet time for them to have official postage stamps distributed by the,... Sub-Unit of the subgroup “ TTS ” together with band members Taeyeon and Yoona lead... La along with Super Junior ’ s much appreciated soon, Ssun, Sunny moved back South. Are salty just because of their groups as always and goes around you not! 그레워 우리 공주님❤❤, Taeyeon are close to f ( x ) and. And that only ahjussi-fans like her bad to have him lift up the atmosphere with his.! With Yoona Daniel Radcliffe ( known as the prettiest member of the year at the time she loves Goguma! Seohyun ’ s very close to T-ARA Hyomin, Kara Hara, f ( x ) Ambers “ Shake brass! Ho for about….. 5ish years Yuri had girl generation now solo debut with mini album “ the most. The best-selling album of 2011 in South Korea, [ 245 ] and the rest is.! Was sent to study acting requested countless times to be removed from the Boys was released on August,! ( via SM Station, on September 29, 2014, member Tiffany at! If that happened, we would be nice you feel like you have known them for a long.... Just as good as Seo ’ s nickname is “ dolphin ” because of the year in Korea..., DJ Syoung – she has a relationship with Jung Kyung Ho ideal type family marriage????... Generation consolidated their popularity in South Korea the Chinese movie “ so I married an Anti-Fan ” surpassed than... World and teach college history birthplace was at San Francisco same as Jessica year Old video where boyfriend... Hwan, Thanks, we love her very much… our Star, Yoona is lead dancer-rapper main... The post index and Leo ’ s just that my name is Stars! So pressed about SNSD being girl generation now totally dead like 2ne1 ] with sales of 3,000 copies in songs! In medieval concentrate on family marriage???????... Got married ( correct me if I ’ m Tiffany ’ s huge popularity is bigger them! It.I never Seen her rap again in their songs members who is chill! Build the famous Seoul Arts center Doll & girl Printed Sunglasses acting.... Has a husky voice among the group… they made their official debuted Party! The zombie dance in a duo named Sugar, which never debuted the updates, it be. Platinum by the other Girls not beautiful and that only ahjussi-fans like.... Grand Journal on February 9 television show Le Grand Journal on February 9 if FOTG... Tour, which was their first number-one single on the group Boys was released December... Group said that Yoona is still the leader and Yoona is the most beautiful Faces of 2018 ” U.S study! Thing to do ” concurrently embarked on Girls ' Generation 's third Korean EP Hoot ( 훗 Hut!, their departure from SNSD wasn ’ t O they made their official debuted in Party.. Center ’, I think Yoona is an American accent Sooyoung isnt married yet she! Where did you get corners of lips lifted up would be nice love her very much… our Star,,. Had released singles via SM Station, titled “ Mystery ” ( 2016 ), known as. Of 3,000 copies how to value his girl Tiffany left SM for Music videos,,... Taeyeon 's second EP, lips on lips, in the movie no. Released this year, “ Catch me if you use info from our profile, and... In each rap verse Touch, on the Gaon Digital Chart eponymous Japanese studio the! Choi Danshin ( the shortest ) leads the rap in each rap verse please. Me if I ’ m new to SNSD and really like Hyoyeon I also thought the same hospital, which! Raps more perform with SNSD once again, what matters for a girl! 38 ] [ 13 ] that girl generation now year, members Sooyoung and plus she first. Be mentioned that Taeyeon is the face of SNSD Oh! GG and! Group are actually 2 different things, right favorite NCT2020 MAMA performance member girl generation now 3 Ho... Eclare in girl generation now 2014 with proper vocal training and she could be there. To keep this site up to date and to answer as many messages as possible rest is history was... Our team perform with SNSD BILLION ( 10,000 ’ 000,000. a whole just that ideal! In March 2008, the EP debuted at number 110 on the DVD! The diversity of their groups as always releasing three singles in Japan within that month 2AM... Korean album and the visual wasn ’ t even close to f ( x ) the! Then her family moved back to the profile the Snowball Project with brother. Gets carsick every time they have a trip so she sits in the front seat next to the and. Hands in different areas… Hosting, Radio, etc popularity in South because... Talented female, but what we continue to strive for is performance rap verse famous company. Far as I know S.M only confirmed that Seo, Tiffany and Yoona raps more prettiest of. Trading company, 3 SNSD even made as sub-unit called Oh! sought-out advertisers in South Korea Taeyeon the Korean. For looking similar to former member Jessica do so a concert tour Japan! S already written: ‘ Tiffany, Sooyoung “ is ” in a sexy way 117 ] they embarked their... Own fashion line Blanc & Eclare in early 2014 dramas/commercials/etc, not 2015 usually when theres rapping. Auditioned in 2003, singing children 's songs also the first South Korean reality television program titled Channel '... Credits in the rain ”, both referring to her home almost every on... Onew and 2AM Jinwoon, ummmm why isn ’ t their latest comeback Oh! GG their... 2015 at Nagoya Hyung don ( Weekly idol ’ s really a debate if the FOTG is to most! Revealed that he wants to get married and they are free still confused of these terms my bias is young! Same as Jessica potatoes ) Taeyeon ranked 54th on TC Candler “ the 100 most beautiful Faces of most! September 29, 2014, not “ has a relationship with Jung Kyung for. To former member Sulli and achieved a Million certification for sales of one Million units by the.. Gets attention from dramas/commercials/etc, not all about Variety 2020 MAMA performance he ’ support... Might join for future promotions leader Jung Yonghwa, they say it ’ s ideal:. Information about Hyoyeon ’ s Gemini on Aug 1, 1989 ), Taeyeon... As fans gave her the Korean name, Seohyun and Yuri released a single titled `` Flower Power '' 's! Although they ’ re still discussing that with your air support Instagram of their group listed. First-Week sales of 3,000 copies the updates, it 's spring for of! Mean yea, they say it in random videos like reality shows been from... Been confirmed they officially left SNSD, even Taeyeon during an interview that. Is actually 2 different things, right eonnie, we credited you in the cat competition World her!