Born from the love of good food, fine wine and family,
it’s been quite a journey.

Italian culinary imprint

can be seen everywhere on British streets. Walk down any major city street, and you will likely find an Italian, or a descendant, selling ice cream, fish and chips, or food inspired by their homeland. We’re proud to be continuing the tradition with food that we believe is now a staple diet of so many across the country, with our own flavour. 

Distant culture

Local ingredients at their freshest

In the region of Puglia where I originate from, says Maurizio Pellegrini, our Head Chef, we eat fish as part of our staple diet and the preparation and cooking of fish is a huge part of our regional culture. I wanted to bring a bit of Puglia to Liverpool and though, as a fish caffè, many of our ingredients are sourced locally for freshness, we will always endeavour to bring you a like for like alternative to the original Italian dish.

Skills handed down through generations

Our Father, Walter Crolla, was a purveyor of fine fish and chips from shops such as Vittorio’s, named after his late father, and the Lido Café in Helensburgh, whilst using his skills as a chef to elevate the quality and choice of food available. Skills learned the hard way in many of Glasgow’s finest Italian restaurants, passed on along with his love and passion for food that go way beyond the norm of even the most ‘foodie’ Italian family.

Meet the Norvegese

New menu means new pizza! How about Scottish smoked salmon, double cream, fior di latte mozzarella and fresh chopped chives? Our unique Norvegese.

Service. Antonio style

One of the most promising chefs in the country, Antonio is an inspiration in the kitchen for someone so young. He continues a great education under chef Maurizio.

From Picinisco and Bisceglie, Italy, to Britain with love

The culture of food across Italy can be summed up as “twice blessed because it is the product of two arts, the art of cooking and the art of eating” and we instil that philosophy at The Italian Club.

Our roots

The backdrop of the Crolla family is the mountain village of Picinisco, high in the Apennines, from where Walter Crolla took his family, to settle eventually in Scotland,  and now Liverpool, bringing with them Italy’s passion for food.